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Register to receive the Episouth Bulletins

The Quarterly Electronic Bulletin summarises the information presented in the project's web-site.
It is issued quarterly and sent by e-mail to selected institutions in the participating and non-participating EU and neighbouring countries, as well as to European and international institutions (EC, ECDC, WHO, etc.), and to people who register for this service in the web-site.

Register to receive the Quarterly Electronic Bulletin

The EpiSouth electronic Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - called e-WEB - is a bulletin which provides a weekly summary of new health events occurring in both non-EpiSouth and EpiSouth countries (providing that information is already public or directly provided and authorized by the affected EpiSouth country). Events are presented in a public health perspective. Any interested person could register to receive the bulletin every week automatically. READ MORE >>

Register to receive the Weekly Epi Bulletin (e-WEB)

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